Important features of a good hosting

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16 Apr 2018
Important features of a good hosting

Developing a website is just first step of having website. there are many other steps like purchasing a good domain name, selecting good host provider,  writing good content for your website and etc. that is right you can do these in very short steps but selecting bad host provider will increase budgets and waste your time. i have highlights feature of good host provider.

i have answers most question which has been asked from my clients in here:

  1. cheap or expensive host provider ??

The first thing come in your mind is money,  you may find 1GB Storage with 10GB Bandwidth on website around 50 USD but the same on another website with 100 bucks or even lower or more expensive. Don’t DON”T play with cheap price, cheapest prices always have issue. meanwhile expensive host provider are also not good option for beginning. select a price which is medium or more rational.

2. Windows or linux host providers

Windows or linux host provider are Operating system of server which host your website.  if you website is developed in ASP Programming language then go to Window and if you website is developed in PHP then you need a linux host provider.

Usually linux hosting are cheaper than windows but they have much better security then windows becuase it is linux you know the rest of it, right ?

3. Disk Storage

check storage you require and then select a host provider, if you have simple static website, you may need blow 1 GB storege then it is not necessary to waste your money on what you don’t use it. start with smallest package becuase it is cheapest and as you need more storage then upgrade your package.

some host provider may offer unlimited storage, but they are not real, there is always a limitation. unlimited means if you upload text and image (not video service like youtube) you can upload as much as you want, it takes year to completely fill 10 GB.

4.  Bandwidth

bandwidth mean amount of data that visitors can visit from your website. every time a visitor open your website mean they are download data from your website and in meantime you are uploading data for them. the amount of bandwidth you need is quite base on traffic of your website. if you have recently launch your website then you don’t need much bandwidth and if you have a website with 10000 daily user then you need around 100 – 150 Gb Bandwidth monthly.

5.  Server uptime

As it is clear, it means the time your website is up for your visitors.  most host provider claim 99% as uptime but don’t trust to every host provider, only well-know host provider can have 99% uptime other are blow 95%.

6. Backup from Host

Pay very attention to this feature, i have very bad experience. i had spent hours for my website and within years and lost it within few hours, becuase server’s hard disks was burnt and they didn’t had any backup. select a host provider who has daily or weekly backup from your website data and databases.

7. Support, support and support

i personally believe that this is the most factor. you need someone who answer your questions when you face with any problem with your server. there are some company who take your money then they disappear when you face with problem. hopefully you can find company’s support through old clients review. you should check old clients satisfaction about host provider.

some other methods

i have’t forget to mention about security. security is core of everything, antivirus, firewall must be update to detect and defeat with any issue if raised in future. don’t absorb with good discount form some websites, they already have included their benefit.

i hoped you have found your answered, if not then you can contact with us.


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