How to hack facebook, gmail and other social media webstie

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11 Apr 2018
How to hack facebook, gmail and other social media webstie
Totally, hacking is a very interesting topic. we all have seen it in movies that hacker hack CIA, FBI and Banks. my favorite movie was swordfish ( my favorite actors was John Travolta and Hugh Jackman for ages). if you haven’t seen it go and watch it and then come back read the rest of article.

Today I want to teach you 4 methods to hack facebook, Gmail, and other social websites, once you learn these 4 easy method you can use it on any social media websites. so let’s do it:

1. Become a Phisher

According to Kaspersky Lab reports, phishing attack increases 59 percent in 2017, compared to the figure in 2016. remember Phishing attacks aren’t just increasing, they’re also evolving. Phishing is one of most effective and easiest way to hack Gmail and Facebook in contract to other methods. phishing emails are the most dangerous method and how often victims are taking the bait.

the way it works is very simple, First, you have to buy a similar fake domain just like an official domain for example: ”” which is very similar to or create a subdomain for a fake domain: and some people just care about the first letter and other never pay attention.Second, you write an email to the victim and mention your Facebook or Gmail account is in danger of hacking and to keep you account safe you have to change your password through below link. once the victim clicked on the link you hack begins, you suppose to design an HTML webpage just like real Facebook or Gmail change password webpage. when use entered his/her password, these data will be stored in your database not Facebook or Gmail servers and then redirect it to facebook landing page. that is it, now you have the victims password.

2. Use a keylogging Software.

This is my favorite method and you don’t need to have any coding skills in this method. the most difficulty is to access to victim’s computer and install keylogging software and route it to your computer. the software track and capture all victim’s keyboards input and sent it to you once he/she connect to the internet. that is all you need to do.

3. Use Your Mind

If your victim is a new user to the internet, forget last two methods because this method is much easier method we call it social engineering. it takes longer time in comparison to last two methods because you use to get in friendship relation with your victim. in this relationship you use to know more about your victim’s favorites, private relation information and … this information help you to answer facebook or Gmail security questions when you want to crack it.

4. Use Facebook Cookies

I write is last because it is the most difficult method but also more expert. I hope last three method work and if they didn’t your job is much much harder. you have to access to victims cookies and store it on your computer. these cookies are the files that your computer fill the forms while you are logging to your social account and you don’t need to fill the forms every time. all information is stored in a file named Data and it is like this:

Cookie: datr=1276721606-b7f94f977295759399293c5b0767618dc02111ede159a827030fc;

if you have hacking experience share it with us and if you need hacking guide let us know through comments:

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