how to extend the life of your gadget’s batteries – tips and tricks

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11 Apr 2018
how to extend the life of your gadget’s batteries – tips and tricks

This post is sourced from APPLE, HP, Dell companies which have recommended for users to extend the life of your batteries.

most mobiles, tablets, and computers use rechargeable lithium ions batteries. they lose their capacity by passing time but if your attention to these advices you can extend them to 1-2 year or even more.

how to extend life batteries? how much charge our batteries ? should we connect it to power all time or fall it to zero percent ? to answer these questions i have reviewed DELL, APPLE, ASUS, HP and even battery university websites and now i will share the outcome with you:

Avoid deep discharging of your batteries

it is quite wrong decision to use your device’s battery until zero percent or 5 percent all time. best ideal charing amount for lithium ions batteries base on electronic companies recommendation is 70% to 40%. advised to keep it multiple and short every day.

Charge 50%

if you have a plan, don’t using your device for a long time like a month it is better to charge it to 50% before that. if it is full charge then discharge it to 50% and keep it dry and cold places.

Never ever keep your Battery Full Charged or Completely Empty for a long time.

it will seriously harm your cellphone’s battery. even if you don’t use battery’s charge for a long time like 6 months, you suppose to charge it every time to 50% and try to keep it at this level.

Never hold your Battery’s Temperature more then 35 Centigrade

high temperature is biggest enemy for life of battery

Take of your Phone’s Cover

you can charge your phone all night. most modern mobile discount batteries circuit after full charging and only use electricity for normal consumption. tip to pay attention is to take off cover while your charging. in most cases phone’s cover keeps the heat of phone while it is charging. so don’t forget to take it off.


these tips are good if you want to reach out to a longer battery’s life. if you are technology geek and like your device, also it is better to replace it before full damage of battery.

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