10 websites to learn coding online for free

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16 Apr 2018
10 websites to learn coding online for free

Internet is full of data, both usefull and bullshit. using these data in right way will help you to develop knowledge and skills but in wrong way will wast your time and money.

Today i want to teach you top 10 website to learn coding online for free, you can learn through self studying method.

coding is one of top jobs with high salary in America. if you can code it means you can easily find job in everyplace of world. coding is not difficult and hard to learn, every line of code has predefine meaning. if you hate coding, be sure that you haven’t taught correctly, only advance teachers can learn you how much easy is coding.

before introducing you these website, remember you can’t be an advance program in one day, you should keep learning and fail many times to become an advance programer.

1. MIT Open Courseware

You can find more than 2100 course about computer science, even you can download books and example and quiz for free form this website, MIT is one of best universities in world and studying is a dream for almost all programmers.

2. Coursera

This website has more than 2 Millions student form all around the world and more than 200 course form 33 well-known universities. the Idea of website was established by Stanford university. you can join for free from best teachers in world

3. Udacity

You can learn in 14 different field in this website, but it is not only for coding, you can learn online in different subjects like Mathematic, physics and even in building startup.

4. Google Code University

Yes ,Google even teach of coding. this website is great source for developing android applications, distributed system, Security of web and many other subjects just for free

5. Mozilla Developer Network

If you want to develop website, you can’t find any source better than Mozilla. you can join with classmate from different location of world and work on question as team.

6. CodeAcademy

I personally suggest you to check this website at least for one time, because you won’t leave it. write code has been taught in very easy methods through fun. starts with easiest examples and step by step you face with more difficult examples.

7. Khan Academy

It is one of oldest website in learning online. the motto of this website is equal learning for everyone in world. very well-know mentors are teaching in this website as voluntary.

8. Udemy

Who don’t use familiar with Udemy. if you are the one who are not familiar with this website then you should check just right now. all course in this website are not free but the prices are very cheap. very well-known teachers like Mark Zakerburg founder of Facebook and Merisa mayor old CEO of Yahoo have taught in this website.

9. Programming

this is youngest website. but it is not just a course it is more social learning website, becuase you can learn with your friends and watch their activity and courses.

10. Code

This is the biggest website and even i am teacher from Kabul in it. the motto of this website is “Everyone should learn coding, coding teach you who to think” which is speech of Steve Jobs Founder of Apple Company. just like other website scientist has work on simplest methodology to lean coding. even a child 6-8 years can learning coding in this website.

If you need preservation, i strongly suggest you to watch this video, i remember encourages many of my friends to learn coding with this video and i suggest it for you as well.

the power of coding is just like magic in future, you can be creator of your creature. once you learn you will enjoy from such power.

if you know any other websites please share them with us through comments. 

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